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Elder Law

Elder Law covers those legal issues that particularly affect older adults.  Obviously, there a re a myriad of issues affecting older adults, but some of the more prominent are the following:

  1. Legally protecting family assets from nursing home costs.

  2. Helping older adults to pay for home care or care in a facility if needed.

  3. Legally transferring assets to family members.

  4. Arranging for proper documents (such as a Financial Power of Attorney and a Health Care Power of Attorney) to assure that one's affairs can be tended to in the event of illness.

  5. Arranging for proper documents (such as a Will or a Trust) to assure that one's assets will be properly distributed in the event of death.

  6. Making sure that older adults obtain the maximum benefits from Medicare, Medicaid and other types of governmental programs.

  7. Protecting family assets from potential creditors.

  8. Making sure that your family is aware of your wishes with regard to health care matters and end of life decisions.

Experienced Elder Law Attorneys:

Robert N. Bohorad

James C. Bohorad